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Procont Info Soft SRL is a prime contractor to US Army in Romania performing engineering services consisting of general, electrical, environmental and GIS CAD services. We have a contract with the US Army since 2016.

Software development and integration

Procont Info Soft SRL is a provider of a DCS (Departure Control System) type software application that offers management of passengers and their luggage in the airport departure terminal and calculation of aircraft loading and mass distribution. Procont Info Soft SRL has been offering these services to several airports(since 2004) and to heliports (since 2019). This application involved the integration of hardware equipment compliant with the IATA/ICAO/AEA specifications(printers, gate readers, mobile bar code readers).

Audit, Consulting and Risk Management

Procont Info Soft SRL is providing audit, consulting and risk management services focused on ISO 9001/14001/31000/45001/27001, AS 9100. Procont Info Soft SRL is offering these services since 2010 based on a partnership with a Romanian major certification body. Procont Info Soft SRL performed audits and consulting in Romania, France, India, Japan and United States.

Major Projects

Procont’s mission is to serve its clients and society by providing advanced, accurate, and effective engineering solutions.

Engineering Services

Departure Control System/DCS - a Romanian view

Audit, Consulting and Risk Management

About Us

Procont Info Soft SRL starts from the premise the best way to predict the future for a company is to create it, let's foresee it together!.

  • 2003

    Founded in MK/Constanta/Romania

    A software company, dedicated to aviation!

  • October 2004

    First software product, a Departure Control System.

    DCS was integrated with Unimark printers, gate readers and Datalogic bar code readers. DCS is according to AEA ATB technical specification/2001 and is 1D bar code compliant. First 1D PECTAB. Implemented in Constanta Airport.

  • March 2006

    Moving to Baneasa Airport

    DCS was AEA 2D compliant and was implemented to Baneasa Airport, using hardware from IER. DCS is 2D bar code compliant.

  • July 2010

    Expanded Into New Locations

    DCS was implemented to Tulcea Airport, using hardware from IER!

  • April 2016

    Expanded Into New Area

    Contracting engineering services for US Army!

  • April 2018

    Mobile Bar Code Reader integrated into DCS facilities

    The bar code on passanger's ticket is read with a mobile bar code reader. Access inside airport restricted is validated using TC20 from Zebra Technologies@.

  • February 2019

    ID Card Reader integrated into DCS

    ID Card Reader integrated according to ICAO Doc 9303 Machine Readable Travel Documents

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  • Procont Info Soft SRL

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  • Mihail Kogalniceanu, Constanta

  • Romania 907195

  • office@pro-cont.ro

  • Phone: +40726132412

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